#1 Read Together, Grow Together! / ¡Lee juntos, crece juntos!

Read Together, Grow Together!

This blog will provide helpful hints for parents who want to help their young children learn to read in English. The weekly hints will be given in English and translated into Spanish, using a translation program. If you have any questions about any information that is not clear, please ask. Thank you!

Susan Weaver Jones

#1  Talk with Your Children

(Spanish translation follows English text. / La traducción al español sigue el texto en inglés.)

Children learn to talk before they learn to read, so please take time to talk with your children each day. Adults speak to children when they are giving commands about tasks to do or when they want the children to obey. Giving orders is a different kind of talking than having a conversation with children, though. Please take time to discuss things that are important to your children. Ask them to talk about shared experiences with you, like going to the park, playing ball, or making cookies together. Talking with your children teaches them how enjoyable communicating can be! Talking together helps to create a foundation for reading together later, no matter what language you use.


¡Lee juntos, crece juntos!

Este blog proporcionará sugerencias útiles para los padres que quieren ayudar a sus hijos a aprender a leer en inglés. Las sugerencias semanales serán dadas en inglés y traducidas al español, utilizando un programa de traducción. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cualquier información que no está clara, por favor pregunte. ¡Gracias!

Susan Weaver Jones

# 1  Hable con sus hijos

Los niños aprenden a hablar antes de que aprendan a leer, así que por favor tome tiempo para hablar con sus hijos cada día. Los adultos hablan a los niños cuando están dando órdenes sobre las tareas que deben hacer o cuando quieren que los niños obedezcan. Dar órdenes es un tipo diferente de hablar que tener una conversación con los niños, sin embargo. Por favor tómese un tiempo para discutir cosas que son importantes para sus hijos. Pídales que hablen de experiencias compartidas con usted, como ir al parque, jugar a la pelota o hacer galletas juntos. ¡Hablar con sus hijos les enseña lo agradable que puede ser la comunicación! Hablar juntos ayuda a crear una base para leer juntos más tarde, sin importar el idioma que use.


2015 Hameray Take-Home Book Bag Giveaway

Teachers:  Would you like to win 20 grab bags of books on your students’ grade level?  You still have time to enter the 2015 Hameray Take-Home Book Giveaway!  The winner of the 20 grab bags will be selected at random on December 9th.  For samples of books that could be included in a 3rd grade grab bag, please check out the photo below. If you are a K-2 teacher, you could win grab bags that include titles from  the  Mrs. Wishy-Washy series by Joy Cowley!


Visit Hameray’s Facebook page to enter, or enter this address:   bit.ly/BookBagGiveaway .  Someone will win–it could be you!


The Winner of the Big Book!

Congratulations to Stacey Litz Schwink!  Her name was randomly selected from all of the people who liked my blog about the 2015 Joy Cowley Classroom Package Giveaway from Hameray Publishing!  Hameray will send her a copy of one of Joy’s big books:  Do-Whacky-Do! 

Hameray will announce the winner of their Grand Prize Package on March 31st, so there is still time to enter.  Check out the Hameray Publishing website at http://www.hameraypublishing.com for more information!

Works in Progress!

Thanks to Hameray Publishing, Inc. for providing me with the motivation to set up a blog of my own!  After posting a couple of guest blogs on their website, they offered me an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.  However, I needed my own blog to participate, so here it is!  It is definitely a work in progress, as am I.  I will be learning the ins and outs of blogging through trial and error, so please bear with me.

More information will soon be forthcoming about the opportunity they provided, because it involves other people–especially early childhood teachers, primary teachers, Reading Recovery teachers, and anyone who is a fan of New Zealand author Joy Cowley!   Please watch for updates in the very near future.  In the meantime, you might want to check out Hameray’s website:  www.hameraypublishing.com.

Blog #1 down, many more to go!

Susan Weaver Jones